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We, at Paros Properties believe, that as real estate agents, are obliged to serve YOU!

You, who appoint us as interveners in helping you buy, sell or rent real estate. This is why we help and support you with faith, morale, real interest and knowledge of the real estate market, in every stage of the sale or leasing procedure. From the first-rate advertising campaign to the final transfer of the title deeds.

Our portfolio offers a great variety of luxury properties, houses for sale and for rent, houses of all types to rent for your vacations, as well as blocks and plots of land, professional premises and businesses for sale. All properties listed with our office are promoted in all major Real Estate portals and social media in Greece as well as internationally.

We also offer you our services in property evaluation

Αdvise you on how to get your property ready for sale and help you go through the sale/buying process by introducing you to our collaborating team of Architects, Civil Engineers, Topographers, Accountants, Lawyers and Notaries, all of them most recognised professionals!

Our office was founded by Ms Sophia Katsipi, who having lived most part of her life overseas, transfered and consolidated her experience in Real Estate by giving emphasis to professionalism, the maintenance of the code of ethics and the protection of personal data as well as the unimpeachable customer service.

At Paros Properties Real Estate, commitment is everything!

We welcome you to our office and we promise you an absolutely satisfying collaboration.

Our collaboration with Mrs. Sofia Katsipi was perfect. In fact, although we live in another country we were able to find a suitable house, ideal for our family’s needs, with only one visit to Paros.

Mrs. Sofia Katsipi, with her vast working experience, her professional approach, her seriousness and, not least, her thorough knowledge of the territory, immediately understood our requirements allowing us to avoid useless trips around the villages of the island and she quickly found the best solution.

Giuseppe & Evi,
Our collaboration with Paros Properties real estate office was in deed a pleasant “excursion”. Through this, we gained our holiday house in Paros island.

The response of Ms. Sophia Katsipi was beyond all expectations. She really understood our needs, our capabilities and desires thus our guide to the best choice in a very short time.

The success of this collaboration, we believe is due to the love and dedication in her work as well as the professionalism presented by the founder of Paros Properties real estate, not to mention her excellent communication abilities.

The company Paros Properties truly honours the promises it gives through their website without any point of dispute.

Andreas & Mairy,
I recently bought a house in Paros that was suggested and showed to me by Ms Sophia Katsipi. I found her office's website on the internet and contacted her. I told her what I was looking for and needed and she immediately knew where to direct me. Up to this point all is well, after all the same could have been done by any other competent broker...

What however makes my collaboration with her unique is that from the first moment I met her, I found in front of me an extraordinary person, a person of real quality. Not a moment I had the feeling that she played regular games or tried to present things ``otherwise``. So, a combination of professional competence and of integrity. Her high level of taste, her honesty, her incredible willingness and availability, her courtesy, all belong to rare exceptions.

I do not praise her for impression reasons, I simply convey my none but true experience. Anyway, I think that one will also hear the same about her by many others on the island...

We thank Ms. Sophia Katsipi for her help in finding and buying a holiday home in Agairia Paros.

Mrs. Katsipi, from the very beginning of our acquaintance, was willing, helpful and responded consistently to the brokerage of our house.

We highly recommend her real estate services and will gladly give any relevant information.

Chrissa & Manolis,

Paros is one of the most appealing and beautiful islands of Cyclades and an especial destination as much for the Greeks as for the foreign visitors. This is due to its’ natural beauty, enchanting beaches and picturesque villages, rare cultural monuments from the antiquity and the Byzantine Times, unique nightlife as well as due to its’ hospitable people.

Paros still preserves the beauty of the authentic, as contemporary culture and tourism development have not dramatically altered the picture of the captivating Cycladic landscape. Here the visitor discovers that tradition and progress coexist in a unique way concerning all areas of human activity, from architecture to entertainment.

This unique feature combined with the existence of small and large lodgings, which offer modern amenities and well-organised services, taverns with local traditional cuisine and restaurants that offer dishes from al over the world as well as retail shops of every kind, is why Paros attracts every potential visitor who wants to combine holidays, sports, fun and entertainment.

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